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A Family Adopts Children from China

A young couple came to ECFA a number of years ago with a great interest in adoption. They already had two children by birth but said that their hearts were touched by the desire to adopt. Although they are native to the Chicago area, they developed a great knowledge and appreciation for Chinese culture. So it was quite natural for them to want to adopt an orphan from China.

The adoptive dad works in the corporate world and the adoptive mother is a stay-at-home mom. They feel that they have enough time, resources, and love to welcome additional little ones into their family. They are involved in a local church and want to raise their children in the Christian faith.

This family adopted their first child, an Asian girl, several years ago. Sometime later they adopted a young boy with special needs. Just recently, they returned from an orphanage in China with a preschool age boy who also has developmental delays and special needs. He is a very happy little guy who loves to laugh.

“Casey” likes listening to music and has a ready smile. His mom related that he is doing awesome and that he gets a great deal of joy out of discovering new things. He always wants to join in with anything the older kids are doing. Casey’s favorite toy is a remote control helicopter which he loves to watch fly.

We are delighted to come alongside loving families who have the desire to care for orphans in their distress, James 1:27. We so appreciate your interest and partnership with us as we reach out to children in need of forever families. You can learn more about our Adoption program on our website.

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