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Intact Family Services Helps a Family Stay Together

We are always happy to offer help to children and families who are going through tough times in their lives. “Tom” and “Cindy” were referred to our Intact Family Services program after a serious incident of domestic disturbance in their home. Tom was very distraught and was having such a hard time dealing with his anger that DCFS was called to intervene in order to protect the children.

Tom was admitted to a mental health hospital to help him become stable emotionally. Cindy began seeing an individual counselor which has been very helpful to her. The couple has a young teenage daughter and a school age son with special needs. “Becky” has been emotionally unsettled herself. However, her caseworker, Lam, says she is very smart, does well in school, loves to read, and has aspirations to succeed in life. “Jack” has been diagnosed with autism and behavioral problems. Fortunately, both of his parents love him dearly and Tom is especially patient with him.

Cindy has a good job as a business manager and Tom is involved in doing farm work. They are both making progress in individual counseling and plan to begin marital counseling soon. They have felt a great deal of support from their caseworker, Lam. Cindy wants her to continue to provide services to the family for the next several months. Lam says Cindy is a hard worker and a responsible parent. She loves her children and cares for them deeply.

Even though there are challenges ahead, we are glad to see this family going in a positive direction with the right kind of encouragement and support. We greatly appreciate your partnership with us as we seek to serve parents and kids in need.

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