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A Young Boy is Helped Through Counseling

“Zach” began seeing his ECFA counselor, Elom, quite some time ago. He had been adopted as a small child through another agency and was having emotional and behavioral problems. Among other things, he had unresolved feelings about his birth parents and being separated from them. He was being resistant and uncooperative with his adoptive parents and teachers in school. In short, Zach did not feel anyone understood him so he was acting out his negative feelings in his relationships with others.

Fortunately, Zach has Christian parents who are providing a healthy spiritual environment for their adoptive children. Zach was eventually diagnosed with ADHD and a genetic eye condition which made it difficult for him to read. After receiving medication and correction for his eyes, he has become a better student, less angry and more cooperative. He has learned to be considerate and has greatly improved his relationships with others.

Now Zach is feeling more hopeful and has a much better attitude. He is doing well in Boy Scouts and has had a positive experience at camp. He has developed a trusting relationship with Elom and is using counseling sessions in very helpful ways. He has also made significant improvement in respecting those in authority. Elom says, “Zach is good kid who has come a long way. I really enjoy working with him.”

We appreciate your support as we reach out to children, teens and families who are going through difficulties in their lives. Your investment in our work is making a real difference in people’s lives!

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