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A Family Adopts Their 4th Child

It is estimated that there are 139 million orphans world-wide needing loving families. Although the need is certainly great, we are happy to help at least some of these children find a forever home. One of our families now has four adopted children from various countries.

“Michael” was almost two years old when he was matched with his adoptive family. His adoption social worker, Joyanna, said he was far behind developmentally and weighed only ten pounds. After coming into his adoptive home just a few months ago, he is now able to sit up, crawl around, and has more than doubled his weight.

He has several medical challenges including orthopedic problems with his hip and legs and other medical conditions. However, his adoptive parents love him dearly and take it all in stride. The other children are involved in caring for Michael. The boys are teaching him how to throw and kick a soccer ball his size. His older sister enjoys helping their mom care for him and the boys also like to feed and help him with his bottle.

The adoptive dad works in a technical field and is very affectionate with his children. The adoptive mother home schools the children and is a stay-at-home mom. The adoptive parents decided to pursue adoption because of a limiting medical condition. They like spending time together as a family enjoying the arts, going to concerts and to museums.

Joyanna says Michael is very sociable and loves being with children. He makes good eye contact with adults and enjoys playing with his toys. However, he wants to be a “big kid” and would like to do everything his older siblings are doing.

We are grateful for the opportunity to help children like Michael find loving Christian homes. We also greatly appreciate you being there as our partner in serving families. You can find out more about ECFA's Adoption Services on our website.

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