Intact Family Services
Master's Level Internship

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ECFA offers a limited number of internships to students who are in a Master's level program in Social Work.

ECFA's Intact Family Services program is designed to help parents address the issue(s) that brought their family to the attention of DCFS. ECFA provides intensive home-based services to families living in DuPage County, who are referred to the program by DCFS. ECFA is responsible for monitoring the home, the safety and well-being of the children, the progress made by parents in specific services they are referred to by ECFA and/or DCFS, assessing the parents on a regular basis, making appropriate referrals for both parents and children, and determining when families are ready to have their cases closed.

Families are referred to ECFA for a variety of reasons including but not limited to: physical abuse, substance abuse, risk of harm, sexual abuse and environmental neglect.

ECFA works with families from various socio-economic and racial backgrounds.

An internship in the Intact Family Services program is designed to expose individuals to families who are involved with DCFS and the case management that is involved in helping parents keep their families intact.

The objectives of the internship program are:

Interns will accomplish the above objectives through a combination of the following means:

If you are interested in the Intact Familiy Services Master's Level Internship, please contact Brigid Luke, Intact Family Services Supervisor, at