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We are excited that you are choosing to view ECFA's Adoption Program. We believe that together we can make a difference in the lives of children both domestically and internationally. Please take a moment to browse our programs, meet our staff, and view the many resources that are available to you. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at mail@evancfa.org or give us a call at 630-653-6400. We look forward to assisting you as you build your family through adoption.

Barbara Hellmer, MSW, LCSW
ECFA Adoption Program Supervisor

Celebrating Adoptions

June 28, 2018 was a very special day for Jamarie, Ricardo, and Jahlil. It was the day they were adopted by Bill and Sharon. Prior to their placement, the three children had been living out-of-state in separate foster homes. Bill and Sharon had prayed every morning for the children that God was preparing for them. About 7 ½ months after being licensed, they learned about these children, and they inquired about their being placed together in their home. Sharon says, “These children stood out to us as being in the right age group and a match for our capabilities and their circumstances”.


When asked how God has helped and continues to help them in their adoption journey, Bill and Sharon replied, “We rely on scripture, prayer, and community to help us know how to love and direct (re-direct in many cases) our children to a place where they can be healthy and begin to model safe forms of caring for each other and others. We repeatedly tell them our job is to love them through all circumstances, teach them values, keep them safe, and watch them become the amazing children God has designed them to be. Each morning before school we remind them to: Love God, Be Kind, Work Hard, and Make Good Decisions.” The children also shared some thoughts. Jahlil said, “Now I have a bed with a bedframe. I have a brother and a sister." He is glad he is not alone.” Jamarie said, “I like having a mom and a dad. They are there for you for life. And, it’s cool since we had been separated for so long (about three years).” The youngest, Ricardo, said, “It’s nice because we get to go to the zoo together.”

Bill and Sharon would like others to know that “the need is great for adoptive homes for older children and sibling groups. They state, “It is hard work, yet, we can honestly say caring for these three children in our home and being a family has been our most satisfying and greatest work of our lives.” Jamarie shared, “It might be hard at first, but after you gain your child’s trust, it is worth it…Even 16-year-old kids need to be adopted…It’s kind of like a roller coaster, but it is good in the end.”


Many children are in need of nurturing adoptive homes. ECFA’s Adoption Program provides services to those interested in adopting children of all ages, domestically or internationally, healthy or with special needs.

Evangelical Child and Family Agency is licensed as a Child Welfare Agency by the Department of Children and Family Services (License #6726-10), is a member of the Joint Council on Internation Children's Services, and is accredited by COA. If you live in Wisconsin, you are invited to visit our Wisconsin website for information about our Wisconsin adoption services.